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Workshops and Master Classes taught by Missy White 

108 ASANAS ​Workshop Series by Missy White 


A complete yoga series designed for the Warrior in you!!​


From the lineage of Bishnu Ghosh, this fun and energetic practice is for the intermediate to advanced student who is ready to dive into the depths of their mind, body and spirit! In this workshop we will first learn the unique warm up series which will safely prepare the body for transitioning into new and more advanced postures. Once the body is warm we glide through the entire series each posture preparing us for the next. Specific instructions will be given to help break down the more difficult asanas, so no matter what style of yoga you currently practice I encourage you to come and explore with us on your yoga mat. Are you curious? Do you want to expand and deepen your practice?


Open up to the possibilities and join us. This class is taught in a heated room and we move to the rhythm of a fine blend of cool tunes.



Are you ready to turn your world upside down? Your entire practice is built on leading you into being able to invert. Let your fears go as you learn techniques to take flight in variations of handstands, arm balances, headstand and more! Find your inner child and come play with us on your yoga mat!

Join us for this invigorating Master Class designed to focus on postures that improve our stability and foundational strength in order to develop an inversion practice.This workshop will offer tools to learn how to experience this wonderful part of the yoga practice with more ease and confidence.

The final portion the workshop will include restorative work, pranayama, and meditation to integrate the day's practice.  ​Students of all levels are welcome.

​Advanced Arm Balance and Inversions Workshop 

In this workshop we will dig deeper into the foundations of postures to deepen your practice and take your yoga to the next level. We will also 
work on building the core strength needed to conquer arm balances and inversions. Come play on your yoga mat and enjoy this journey into flight.​  *Modifications will be given to accommodate various levels.

Backbending Workshop - Awaken the intelligence of your Heart 

Learn how to approach back bends with greater poise, awareness and attention to detail. Expand your edge as you open your heart and deepen your practice.  We will gradually warm up the spine and safely work our way towards the full expression of poses such as standing bow, wheel, camel and scorpion. We will also focus on the safe transitions in and out of these poses which includes dropping back into back bends. Come play on your yoga mat and enjoy the expansion.  
*Modifications will be given to accommodate various levels.

Funky Transitions Workshop

Have you ever asked, “How do I get from here to there?”


This workshop will bring more attention to your breath, easing in to your

transitions and creating more awareness in your whole practice. We will also

have time to play and have fun with funky transitions.


In this workshop, Missy will guide you through practical transitions and offer

instruction to explore coming in and out of poses, while touching on some

advanced postures. The workshop will break down movements: for example,

jumping forward, floating from the top to chaturunga, or transitioning from

crow pose to tripod headstand or forearm balance, handstand press up;

or twisting chair to side crow.  Point to point guidance and detailed instruction

will give you the tools to build confidence and find your way to new levels of the practice.




The Creative Art of Adjusting 1 & 2


In this workshop teachers will gain knowledge on how to give efficient and precise

hands-on adjustments for public classes and private sessions.  Build your confidence

and expertise in helping students align in their asana practice with this intensive

workshop. The workshop will incorporate the basic foundations of proper yogic

assists and adjustments for students of all levels.  As each students level of fitness varies, the range of competence and performance of each posture will also vary.  As teachers we give adjustments to ensure safety of the student, to deepen the postures or we may simply be adding touch as a feel good adjustment!


You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of how to help your students experience a profound improvement in breath awareness , range of motion, increased flexibility and balance, opening energetic pathways as well as maintaining safe alignment. 



Happy Hips 

Has too much walking around the mall left you feeling like the Tin Man? Therapeutic for the hips and lower back, this workshop will be exactly what the body and mind crave to get your though your busy life.  We'll increase range of motion and flexibility, and you will leave feeling open, joyful and comfortable! 

Stoke Your AGNI Discussion and Detox Flow 

Our Agni is responsible for digestion, absorption, and assimilation of ingested food and transforms food into energy. Simply put, if your digestion is working properly, you will thrive! We will get more specific on how Ayurveda - the sister science to yoga, teaches us how we can live our lives more fully and abundantly. So let’s clean up those internal organs and get specific about what works best for your individual constitution.  Following our discussion we will practice together and discover postures that will rid our bodies of toxins  and leave us feeling recharged!

Get ready for a mind blowing experience that can change your life forever!

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